30 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

Hear me out, mamas! Being pregnant is overall such a NEW and AMAZING experience! You’re literally growing another human inside of you. It’s seriously insane and beautiful at the same time. Everyone obviously has a different pregnancy experience, but there are so many things that NO ONE TELLS YOU! Like, you’re telling me that I’ll get something called a pregnancy nose and my feet will… grow?!? Sounds crazy, right. Although everyone gets different symptoms and experience different things… here is a list of things that no one tells you about pregnancy!!

1. Sore Boobs

Okay, I know we’ve all experienced sore boobs before from our periods. But sore pregnancy boobs is on another level. Just imagine 2 swollen grapefruits on your chest. If you’re like me with a small chest, this is a PAINFUL blessing in disguise LOL.

2. Darkening of Nipples

Since we’re on the topic of titties.. let me tell you!!! If you have cute pink little nips, say goodbye to that chapter of your life. Your areolas get DARK. And when I mean dark… I mean DARKKKK. Sis, you’ll be walking around with dark pepperonis. If that doesn’t hit home… here’s the icing to the cake. Your areolas get larger and your nipples get bigger. AND THEY DONT EVER GO BACK TO NORMAL. Motherhood… Right?

3. Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Yup. That is all. You can go days without pooping. My ultimate record was 6 days. I was BAAACKKKED up.

4. Pregnancy Congestion and Allergies

I was blessed and never had allergies growing up. But there’s something called pregnancy allergies and congestion. As if everything wasn’t bad enough already. I literally could not breathe, and I constantly had post nasal drip when I could breathe -0/10 highly do not wish this congestion upon anyone.

5. Heartburn

I’ve heard people say this is an indication of hair. Both my kids came out bald LOL but the heartburn was not it!

6. Charley Horse Cramps

I never felt one of these before in my life until I was pregnant. LAWDDD my whole leg cramped up and it was PAINFUL. My whole calf was sore for a few days after which was so strange to me.

7. Sweat and Body Odor… Eww!

I get sweaty in general but this level of sweatiness was different. From walking to the bathroom to bed, I would break a sweat. And your BO hits you different. Maybe that’s because your nose is more sensitive. Who knows?

8. Baby Kicks

They hurt. At first, they’re all cute and feel like little butterflies. But… those kicks end up feeling like you’re getting punched and stabbed. Both my kids were kicking and playing with my ribs as if it was a soccer ball. I kid you not, my ribs felt bruised and some kicks took my breath away!

9. Pregnancy Nose

I heard about this on TikTok. Search up Pregnancy Nose LOL or click the link. To be honest, I don’t know if it happened to me or not. But, supposedly your nose just gets bigger. Yes, it goes away after pregnancy but your body just has so much fluid that your face just blows up and your nose gets huge enough for an airplane to land on it.

10. You Pee Yourself

Depending on how big your baby is and how far along you are… you will pee yourself. Oh? You gotta cough? You pee yourself. Sneeze? Pee. Laugh? Pee. Breathe? Pee. Forget a panty liner because you will pee through that. Get yourself a diaper, girl LOL.

11. Frequent Peeing

If peeing yourself wasn’t bad enough, imagine waking up every 30 minutes at night to pee like.. TWO DROPS. LITERALLY so frustrating because you can’t sleep and you have this huge urge to pee and you barely pee. So disappointing.

12. Sensitive Gums

Pregnancy gingivitis. your gums will just bleed. And it’s not pleasant. Go to the dentist often!

13. Metal Mouth

As if the bleeding gums wasn’t enough, you also might experience metal mouth. Which is just a metallic taste in your mouth randomly.

14. Itchy Skin/Hives

No clue what happened here… but when I was pregnant with Chloe, I would break out in hives randomly? No clue. Apparently when the skin stretches, it starts to itch. But my legs and random parts of my body just broke out in blotches of hives.

15. Gassiness

if I wasn’t burping every few minutes I was farting LOL. I was soooo gassy and bloated… it was not cute.

16. Hair, Skin, Nails

Okay, I absolutely loved this. My hair and nails grew so much! My skin was glowing, my hair was healthy and shiny, and so were my nails. But all that hair falls out a few months after pregnancy and you might get some bald spots. Not cute. But, it eventually sorta kinda grows back…? I’m still waiting to see myself.

17. Morning Sickness

Everyone seems to know what morning sickness is. Morning sickness can last more than just the first trimester — my morning sickness lasted up until like 20 weeks. Imagine waking up with a huge hangover where you just want to throw up and not eat anything because your stomach just says no. Yeah.. that was me for MONTHSSSS. I wanted to eat I just couldn’t.

18. Food Aversion

Alongside with morning sickness, you could get food aversions. Check this out. For me, I couldn’t STAAANNND the smell of tortillas, eggs, and seaweed… Just the smell of it made me want to gag and vomit. I hear a lot of stories of people getting crazy food aversions. My friend told me that she couldn’t even stand the sound of a rice cooker and the smell of rice cooking. Any time she’d hear or smell anything that treaded the lines of rice cooking, she’d just vomit everywhere.

19. Lightening Crotch

Shooting pain down to your cooch. Super painful like someone sent a bolt down there. Yup. Take it for what it is.

20. Sleeping Positions

You can’t sleep on your back — seems pretty obvious but constantly sleeping on my side got uncomfortable so I would try and sleep on my back. Nope. Couldn’t breathe. Literally suffocated myself lol. You’re supposed to sleep on your left side to help promote blood flow to the baby.

21. No Balance

I’m sure you kind of know that you’ll be out of breath and all, but did anyone mention your balance? Your center of gravity is off now that you have a huge ball in front of you. You will most likely forget that you have a watermelon attached to you, and you won’t be able to do things without wanting to tip over.

22. You get So Freaking Tired

I don’t have to say anything else… LOL

23. Saggy Titties

Your boobs get so saggy afterward. Yes, breastfeeding is beautiful, and you’re providing for your child. But, when you stop, your titties will be saggy. Imagine the letter U. Your tits will look like UU. Not even exaggerating. And those saggy titties will come with cracked, sore, and bleeding nipples when you breastfeed.

24. Your Belly Button Might Invert

I’ve always had an innie belly button, but as a pregnant woman… I had an outtie. This doesn’t happen for everyone but it totally can. When my stomach got bigger my belly button inverted outwards. It didn’t stay flat, it literally was bulging out. I guess it’s because the baby was pushing against my belly so hard (since I am pretty tiny), there was no where for my belly button to go.

25. Insomnia

You are always going to be tired, but I was tired and had insomnia. From the frequent peeing to having a lot on my mind. People think you’re tired all the time and want to sleep. Yes. You’re tired all the time but for some reason… you can’t sleep?!

26. Leaky Boobs

Your boobs may or may not start leaking colostrum or milk.

27. Moody

You’re sensitive and moody — I cried over the BlackPink documentary. No idea why. I never will know why. You just cry and cry over everything. Awe the sky is blue today, wow let me just start crying. Awe, look at the raccoon staring at me at 3 AM through my window, let me start crying. It’s crazy.

28. Swelling

Your feet and hands will swell up. You retain so much water weight and liquid that it goes to your hands and feet. Thankfully, I was okay but they did get a little bigger here and there. But, did anyone tell you that your vajayjay might swell randomly too? So freaking weird. I thought something was wrong with me.

29. Feet Grow

Your feet get bigger — with the swelling.. but your feet grow???? Some people’s feet grow half a size or a complete size. Got all those cute designer shoes? Haaa you thought. You gotta buy more. But some people’s feet don’t grow or swell.

30. Mom Brain

This is literally a real thing. You can’t remember half the stuff you wanna do or say and you just stand there looking dumb lol 😂 It happens throughout the pregnancy and throughout postpartum. Might as well happen throughout the rest of your life because I am still suffering mom brain. Or maybe it’s just my excuse for being overly tired to remember things.

Pregnancy is so beautiful, and I do miss being pregnant. Everyone has different experiences, and it’s the time when you feel so connected to your baby. Even with all these crazy things that happen to us, it prepares our bodies for what’s to come. If you experienced any other crazy symptoms, let me know down below (that rhymed) 🙂

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