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here to give you all the deets about everything as a millennial asian mom living in the 21st century!

asian baby mom

Welcome to the Asian Baby Mom Club!

Since becoming a parent, I completely understand how hard it is to get the hang of everything. That’s why I’m here! I’m hoping to make Asian Baby Mom a place for new moms to find answers that they’re looking for.

From toddler food ideas to baby-led weening and from budget finds to advice.. I hope ABM becomes a space where you’re able to reach out to me and ask me anything! No mama is ever alone on this crazy journey!

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NOW, who is amanda

amanda at a glance

I am 27 years young mom and married to the best hubs ever! Currently residing in Philly (GO EAGLES)!!! I am a momma to Irish Twins – my sweet, sweet, boy Mason, and the most beautiful girl, Chloe (11 months apart).

I absolutely LOVE cooking and doing DIY projects – but you know with two little nuggets running around ..a small project somehow takes months (oops)!

mason and chloe

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Don’t be a stranger!

I’d love to hear from you and stay connected! We moms gotta stick together hehe

Asian Baby Mom